About Marieke

My first reaction was to radically change everything but before I did I wanted to connect again with what I really wanted. I was longing for change, connection and contribution by supporting others in their personal development. In addition to my work at adidas, I studied and became a ICF certified Co-Active coach (CTI). In 2018 I was ready to start my own business. It felt like a leap of faith after being employed for such a long time but this was what I really wanted.

Life smiled at me again, I bought my own apartment in Amsterdam for the first time and I got to know my love, Eric. After a few years I decided to trade the city of Amsterdam for green  Culemborg (this was quite something for someone who mainly lived in big cities).

My work gave me lots of fulfilment but entrepreneurship also felt heavy. My insecurity was often reinforced and I was often outside my comfort zone. At the end of 2019 I was introduced to psychedelics and that has enriched my life enormously. It has brought me so much closer to myself than I ever thought was possible. I accept myself now and I’m standing for who I want to be, both in my work and private life. What a gift.

In my work I noticed that limiting believes and certain behavior patterns made it difficult for my clients to change. It was difficult for them to let go and do things differently. To do this they needed to step out of the comfort zone and move into the unknown. Some patterns were so deep that talking alone didn’t help.

Psychedelics comes here into place. This helps to go deeper and makes it possible to create a clear state of consciousness. Insights are brought from the subconscious to the consciousness that’s makes it possible to see and learn from. The coaching supports the whole process of understanding and integrating the insights in the transformation process.

My work as a certified coach, my experience in psychedelics and my training as a Psychedelic Practitioner at Synthesis, all ties in together in supporting my clients in their transformation process.

Mijn missie

It is my mission to guide people so they can gain new insights, get closer to themselves and see their beautiful and unique qualities again.  So they can become the person they truly want to be.


I support the ethics of the North Star Ethics Pledge for working with psychedelics. The Pledge is a beginning: a baseline commitment to put integrity at the heart of our work in the field.