Coaching &

Being able to live a free and 
happy life.

Marieke van der Spek

Do you want to get more out of yourself and your life? 
Do you get stuck on the same things over and over again?  
Would you like to change this but can you use some help with this?

I offer support to people who want to break through limiting beliefs, let go of their fears and patterns and be closer to themselves. This all will lead to feeling free and living a happier life.

You only have one life so why not living the life you want. Make the best out of it and enjoy it. Coaching in combination with psychedelics can possibly help you with this. I believe that everyone has a unique personality with a good heart, a purpose and beautiful qualities.

You just have to see it and use it. If this is what you would like to achieve, we can work together and it’s honor for me to support you in this.


Through my guidance with psychedelics you get new insights and you will see your own beautiful and unique qualities (again). This will bring you closer to your true self and it will become easier to direct your life in the direction you want to take it.

1 on 1

Together we look at what is blocking you and what you want to change. Out of this we create a working plan that suits your personal development.

Microdosing Programma

One month Microdosing Program combined with personal coaching in which you work on your goals and take psilocybin 2x a week.

Psilohuasca Retreat

A life changing retreat in which you gain new insights, you get closer to your true self and you will create an ultimate reset for yourself.

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